Love It or List It?

Your full-time, in-house Sales Department is excited to remind you this month of two important items when it comes to you and your home in the community.

First and most important, Hometown America wants to make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows we are in search of new people to live in our community—folks just like you! We have beautiful new and pre-owned homes for sale and would enjoy giving you a monetary reward for trusting us with your referral should you know of someone interested. Even if you have someone who just wants to browse through the new homes to see what cool features or colors are available—send them our way. 

When you send us your friends or family members and they purchase a home from your Hometown America Sales Department, we will reward you with a monetary payment up to $500. 

Call your sales associate for exact dollar amounts, which vary if the referral purchases a new or a brokered resale home. Let’s spread the good word about how great it is to live where you live in the neighborhood… and we will pay you for it!

Second, we want to let you know that if you are thinking about moving, you can entrust listing your home with the dedicated sales professionals working daily in the Hometown Sales Department. We are the resale authority for many good reasons! We are able to provide you with better, more professional service than anyone else. Consider these points when deciding with whom to list your home:

  • Practically all of the prospects and potential customers first come to us because we have professionally staffed offices on site. The best chance of making a sale is to capture potential buyers as they first enter the community.
  • Hands down, your Hometown sales team sells homes faster and for more money than the competition—we have the facts to prove it! 
  • We have the best forms of advertising so your listing can be seen by qualified buyers looking for our type of community lifestyle and homes. Hometown’s website, targeted media outlets, the “Live Chat” website feature, print advertising, open houses, road signage and secondary internet lead-generating sites are all working powerfully together to increase “eyes” on your listing and sell your home faster.
  • The Hometown sales team will beat any competitor’s listing fees/prices. Just get it in writing and show us the listing agreement, and we will match it!
  • We offer a seamless sales process from contract to residency-approval application—a one-stop shop. Don’t let your home sale get delayed in the process!
  • Hometown sales associates work with the best banks if a buyer needs to finance the purchase.
  • Our sales professionals will complete a home market-value assessment, so you can be assured of listing your home for its full value. Don’t leave money on the table when you sell!
  • Hometown America performs background and credit checks on all of its sales associates and requires each one to complete specialized sales training—list with those you can trust to do the job you expect.
  • The question is, “Do you want to list your home or do you want to sell your home?” Clearly, listing it with a Hometown sales professional is the best, fastest and most profitable solution.