Arizona’s Allure: Why Californians Retire to the Grand Canyon State

Mary Goodwill
Pine Lakes homes


Upon retirement, more Californians are choosing to cross state lines to call Arizona their retirement home.  

Arizona vs. California 

The cost of living and traffic congestion are primary factors in their decisions. 

  • Arizona offers a more affordable alternative to California’s high cost of living with lower housing prices, groceries, utilities and healthcare expenses. 
  • Retirees can stretch their nest eggs further and enjoy a higher quality of life in Arizona compared to California with lower individual income tax, sales and property tax rates.  
  • Many California cities have seen increased traffic congestion that many prefer to leave behind in retirement. 

Best Places in Arizona to Retire 

Arizona’s diverse geography ensures there’s a retirement destination to suit every taste and lifestyle preference. 

  • Pine Lakes in Prescott is nestled amidst towering pines and rolling hills, offering a serene retreat with easy access to downtown Prescott’s amenities. You can enjoy beautiful views with nearby hiking trails and fishing.  
  • Crescent Run is in Mesa‘s East Valley, providing urban convenience with access to shopping, dining, and entertainment options in a tight-knit community atmosphere. You will enjoy having nature just outside your door with the added convenience of city life in downtown Mesa and Scottsdale nearby.  

Arizona Retirement Communities: A Haven for Active Seniors 

  • Tailored amenities and activities cater to the needs and interests of active adults. 
  • Among many amenities, residents enjoy fitness centers, swimming pools, whirlpool spas and pickleball courts.  
  • Beyond the communal areas and amenities, our residents take part in social clubs and organized events fostering a keen sense of community and belonging. 

The Grand Canyon State Awaits! 

As Californians seek refuge from high costs and the fast pace of life in the Golden State, Arizona beckons with its affordable living, diverse landscapes, and thriving retirement communities. Whether drawn to the tranquil beauty of Prescott’s Pine Lakes or the urban convenience of Mesa’s Crescent Run, Arizona offers retirees a wealth of opportunities to embrace their golden years with open arms. The Grand Canyon State awaits, and we’re ready to welcome you home. 

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