How to Find Suburban Living Meets Metro Lifestyle

Mary Goodwill
Aerial View of Foxwood Village


Have you dreamt of a harmonious lifestyle that combines the tranquility of a small town with the dynamic pulse of a bustling metropolis, and the intellectual allure of a distinguished liberal arts college?  Hometown America has several residential communities across the United States that offer home buyers this amazing lifestyle opportunity.  

Welcome to the epitome of balanced living – a town just outside city limits, with tree-lined streets, a thriving community spirit, and the charm of a prestigious liberal arts college. Let’s explore the advantages such a community provides and then discover the Hometown America locations that offer this lifestyle. 

1. Cultural Fusion:

Nestled on the outskirts of a large, vibrant city, many of our Hometown America communities offer unique cultural fusion. The proximity of a liberal arts college expands the cultural offerings, creating a diverse tapestry of artistic expression, academic pursuit, and community engagement.  

2. Intellectual Oasis, City Access:

Living near a liberal arts college within a large metropolitan area opens the door to a host of opportunities. Residents can transition effortlessly from academic pursuits to the urban landscape, enjoying city amenities, world-class museums, and a myriad of cultural events, all within a stone’s throw from their cozy suburban haven. 

3. Community Harmony:

Small towns thrive on community, and the coexistence of a liberal arts college and nearby city fosters a unique sense of harmony. Residents find themselves at the crossroads of academic and urban life, creating a community where local businesses, events, and social initiatives blend seamlessly with the vibrant cityscape. 

4. Economic Vibrancy:

The liberal arts college contributes to the intellectual richness of the town and injects a dose of economic vitality. Job opportunities abound, attracting professionals and supporting staff, while the nearby city provides added economic avenues. The result? A thriving town where economic prosperity intertwines with cultural and academic abundance. 

5. Nature’s Retreat, Urban Adventure:

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city without sacrificing its conveniences. The residential community, featuring natural beauty and green spaces, offers a retreat for residents. Meanwhile, the city beckons with urban adventures, ensuring a perfect balance between outdoor tranquility and city excitement. 

Living in a town just outside of a large city, complemented by the presence of a prestigious liberal arts college, provides a lifestyle that blends culture, intellect, community, and economic prosperity. It’s an exceptional way of life that captures the essence of small-town charm and the excitement of a nearby metropolis. Embrace the perfect blend and revel in a life where the best of both worlds combine to create a truly extraordinary living experience.   

Explore our communities that fit offer this lifestyle: 

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