Golf Course Update

Have you noticed the golf course is looking better than ever? That’s because we finished the irrigation overhaul, which has resulted in a lush, beautiful course. All 18 holes are open for play. 

Golf Course Membership a Steal
Membership rates for Fairways Country Club are extremely reasonable:

  • Singles’ membership: $150 per month
  • Couples’ membership: $208 per month

Isn’t she lovely?

Click the image detail above to see the full-size photo.

The Temporary Administrative and Sales Offices
The temporary administrative office is located at 1607 Cedar Ridge Road, next door to the old office. It’s located in the home closest to the old, original parking lot. Follow the signs around the winding sidewalk. 

All administrative questions and requests should be directed to the admin office. Please make your rent payments to the admin office.

The temporary sales office is located at 14219 Oak Valley Road.