Help the First Responders Help YOU!

One of our homes in another Florida Hometown America community recently had a fire. Firefighters were quick to respond, but once they arrived, they had trouble because people gathered in the street too close to the area where they were working. They kept having to ask people to move away so they could concentrate on the fire.

Please stay away when first responders are working—for your safety, the first responders’ safety and the residents’ safety. We can help the first responders do their jobs faster when they are not distracted by others. If a fire or other emergency were taking place in your home, you would want to have the full attention of the emergency crew focused on your situation, not managing a crowd of onlookers.

We understand your concern for your neighbors—but, please—next time there is a fire or other emergency, stay back until the emergency has passed.

Remember, seconds count in a fire or medical emergency, so let’s not take the first responders’ attention off the job at hand for even a second. Let’s help them do their jobs.