Victory Garden Guidelines

Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • There is a limit of four garden plots per household.
  • Piles of black dirt, sand and mulch are available for use in your Victory Garden plot.
  • Please do not use the above listed fills around the perimeter of your garden plot; this is very wasteful.
  • Garden tools and rototillers are available for your use in the garden sheds 1 & 3. Garden shed 2 if for volunteers use only.
  • Please clean garden tools off when you finish using them.
  • Keep plots clean of weeds.
  • Please use the compost areas located by the sheds for your garden waste.
  • Do not use weed killers or other chemicals around your garden plots.
  • Walkway around each garden must be free of any obstacles.
  • Please be sure to have your end of season garden clean up, including removal of fencing, cages and stakes, completed by Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

Download a flyer with these guidelines to keep for ready reference.


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