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Clubhouse Grand Re-Opening Gala

The Masters Clubhouse Grand Re-Opening Gala took place January 22. The event was a fun-filled time as residents enjoyed the DJ, entertainment, food and beverages.

Are You Ready to Have Some FUN in the Masters Clubhouse?

Never let a good clubhouse go to waste! With the re-opening of the Masters Clubhouse, we will be able to hold even more resident events. The Clubhouse has a new improved sound system, a complete theatrical lighting system, and we have added a 12-foot projection screen for viewing movies.  

Safe Disposal of Unused Drugs

Do you take Lipitor or Paxil? Think not? Think again. We all take them—along with OxyContin, Warfarin, antibiotics galore, Advil and many other drugs. How can this be? Unfortunately, the water supply is teeming with trace chemicals from prescription and over-the-counter medications—medications people flush down the toilet or pour down the drain. Every time you turn on the faucet, a drug cocktail flows from the tap.

Online e-Scheduler Update

The online e-Scheduler is up and running smoothly. Residents now have the ability to schedule the use of flex rooms and meeting spaces in all three clubhouses with our new online e-Scheduler. You can still reserve a room through the office, but once you use the online e-Scheduler, you’ll be hooked. It’s easy to access and user friendly.

New Social Director Coming Soon

Fairways Country Club is in the process of bringing on a part-time social director. We want to take full advantage of the new and improved Masters Clubhouse, so the new member of our team will focus on bringing new and exciting events to residents.

Help a Friend and Earn a Referral Fee

Need cash to pay holiday bills? Did you know Hometown America and Fairways Country Club offer a referral fee to residents who assist in the sale of a home at Fairways? Invite your friends to join The Fairways community, and if they purchase a home, you will receive a cash incentive of up to $500! Yes it’s that easy!

Safety Tips for Walkers and Runners

During the winter, the sun rises late and dusk falls early. Residents walking or running outside before dawn or after dusk should take extra precautions to ensure their safety.

Meet Brandon Ward, Our New Compliance Officer

Brandon joined the Fairways Country Club team in December and is in charge of home site inspections. He will soon visit your street to look at the outside appearance of your home and lot. 

Diane Armstrong—Way Too Much Time on Her Hands?

When Diane Armstrong takes a few minutes for herself to work a crossword puzzle or to work on her crafts, her husband teases her and says she has way too much time on her hands. “My husband calls it my therapy,” she said. 

Is Seasonal Eating Just Plain SMART?

To every thing there is a season.
~ Ecclesiastes 3

Winter grapefruit is sweet, delicious and nutritious.

Homeowner Tip of the Month

Maintenance is a very important factor in retaining the value of manufactured homes. Most manufactured homes are designed to make use of small spaces.