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Hometown America is on a mission to inform our residents/homeowners of urgent matters and important news with the speed of light. Gone are the days of, “I heard it through the grapevine.” From this point forward, you’ll hear news directly from management via email as soon as it happens or...

Golf Course Irrigation Project Nears Completion

With “the season” just around the corner, a major golf course irrigation project is nearing completion at The Fairways Country Club. Around the end of November, we will be able to water all the fairways and greens, which will improve the condition of the course as well as improve play on the course.You can still play the back nine holes while we finish work on the....

Annual Appreciation Day Golf Tournament

Each year, we host an appreciation event for the police, firefighters and EMT units that serve The Fairways Country Club. This year, the event is called “First Responders Golf Tournament.” It divides police and firefighters into foursomes to create competition between the two groups—and we know how competitive each group...

Greenbrier Clubhouse Renovation

The Greenbrier Clubhouse facelift is complete. The gray and white exterior has new vinyl siding along with fresh, white trim. The enhanced landscaping around the pool adds to the ambiance, making the entire clubhouse area bright and welcoming. As soon as the Masters Clubhouse renovation is complete, renovations on the restrooms will begin.

Library Relocation

To make room for the improvements at the Masters Clubhouse, the library books from the Masters Clubhouse have found a new home in the Greenbrier Clubhouse. We are installing bookshelves throughout the Greenbrier Clubhouse...

Masters Clubhouse Renovation Nears Completion

It’s been a busy summer here at The Fairways Country Club while major improvements for residents have been underway. The Masters Clubhouse renovation is an epic project started over the summer. The renovation is in full swing with substantial improvements to the interior and...

Homeowner Maintenance Tip of the Month
It’s that time of year—time to contract with a maintenance individual to inspect your roof and gutters and to perform routine maintenance before a small problem blossoms into a big one. Below, you’ll find what you need to communicate to your maintenance person.
Roof Maintenance
Heavy accumulations of tree leaves and debris can cause “dams” that trap water, which...
Did You Know?

Under current laws, many manufactured home loans are considered “high-cost” mortgages. This results in fewer lenders and less competition among those that do lend. 

What Does This Mean for You?

  • It lowers the value of your home.
  • Homeowners often have to sell for cash—at a fraction of the market value of their homes.
  • Millions of retirees, veterans and working families are no longer able to afford quality manufactured homes without financing.

How Did This Happen? 

This was an unintended consequence of the Dodd-Frank Act, which was meant to protect consumers. 

Road and Front Entrance Improvements
By now, you’ve noticed the road improvements in the community. The repaving is complete on Warwick Hills Drive and Sligo Court.  
As you know, an item of great importance to everyone is access to the community. Because of our location, and the traffic flow on State Route 50 (East Colonial Drive), we have to consider the flow of traffic before making any changes...

Save the Date for the 12th Annual Rally for the Cure


You are invited to participate in the 12th Annual Rally for the Cure 18-hole golf tournament and festivities at The Fairways Country Club on February 2, 2016.

Tee off time is 8:30 a.m. Entrance fee is $20 per person for those playing in the tournament (spectators enter free), payable at the door. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. at the Masters Clubhouse. The benefit is open to the public, so bring your family and friends for a day of golf, fun activities and festivities. Advanced signup is available in the Golf Pro Shop and is required so that we can arrange foursomes. Invite everyone you know, so we can beat last year’s proceeds of $7,000.

The event, sponsored by The Fairways Women's Golf Association, benefits Susan G. Komen, a nonprofit organization that focuses on research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives.Sponsorships are available for each hole. If you know of a potential sponsor, please contact Dottie Ramsdell at 407-435-4480.


Another exciting improvement is coming to The Fairways Country Club. An e-scheduler for all clubhouses will allow residents and clubs to go online and request to schedule an event in any of the clubhouses. Standard and regular clubs will be able to block out regular meetings dates.  

The additional space in the remodeled facilities will create more opportunities for simultaneous use. The scheduler will also create a facilities calendar which will show all the wonderful events happening at The Fairways. This calendar and links to the scheduler will be available in the next edition of The Fairways Bulletin

Prepare for Pickleball

No, it’s not a round pickle, and it’s not something you eat. It’s a new sports craze sweeping newly retired citizens across the globe. It’s similar to badminto, but it’s played with a short, solid paddle and a perforated ball.  Two, three or four players can play pickleball. Next year, we will install pickleball courts near the Westchester Clubhouse. Once the courts are complete, pickleball experts from our sister community, Tanglewood, have have promised to help us inaugurate...