Homeowner Tip of the Month

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t’s that time of year—time to contract with a maintenance individual to inspect your roof and gutters and to perform routine maintenance before a small problem blossoms into a big one. Below, you’ll find what you need to communicate with your maintenance person.

Roof Maintenance

Heavy accumulations of tree leaves and debris can cause “dams” that trap water, which can lead to leaks under the shingles and then to a roof leak into the home. Here’s what to do:

  1. Examine the roof and remove any debris that has accumulated.
  2. Reseal all vents and any areas where something enters the roof from your house.
  3. Replace broken or missing shingles.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Routine gutter inspection, cleaning and repair are vital to the performance of your home’s water management system. Old, matted leaves, sticks and debris can block drainage from the gutter. Blocked gutters can cause the water to “dam” and enter the home. Here’s what needs to be done periodically:

  1. Inspect the gutters for blockages, cracks, holes and sags.
  2. Clear leaves, sticks and debris (sludge, grit, etc.) from the gutter.
  3. Repair or replace any holes, cracks or missing sections of the gutter

Periodic inspection and maintenance of your roof and gutters will protect your home investment for years to come.