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Happy Holidays from Hometown America and Fairways Country Club

Holiday Greetings from Hometown America…

At this time of year we reflect on our many blessings and give thanks for family and friends. We are grateful to have you as a resident and thank you for making your home at the Fairways. We consider you part of our extended family. We want to take this time to wish each of you and your families a warm and wonderful holiday season and all the best in the New Year.

Fairways Country Club Improvements

Many improvements are in progress at the Fairways.

Greenbrier Clubhouse Restrooms
With the ongoing improvements to the Fairways, the Greenbrier restrooms will be getting a face-lift. We received the approvals to begin refurbishing both the men’s’ and ladies’ rooms at the Greenbrier Clubhouse. 

Tour One of Our New Homes

Fairways Country Club Homes Flying off the Shelf!

Our new-home sales are in full swing, and we can’t keep inventory in stock! 

We have sold 11 new homes this year, and we are in the process of placing another 10 new homes here at the Fairways. 

A Special Moment With Kids and Grandkids

Spend some time during the holidays with little loved ones and the NORAD Santa Tracker.

The official NORAD Santa Tracker (your tax dollars at work) goes live on December 1, 2016. This is a must-see for younger children on Christmas Eve. In case you’re wondering, NORAD stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command. It doesn’t get any more official than that. So it seems Santa really does exist if the U.S. government tracks him.

Christmas Trees 101


Buying a fresh-cut Christmas tree for the holidays has been a family tradition for many centuries. The Germans introduced the custom in the 16th century. 

The first tree displayed in the United States was in Pennsylvania by the German settlers in the 1830s. Americans didn’t adopt the custom until the late 1840s, and in the 1890s, the popularity of Christmas ornaments and Christmas tree was on the rise around the United States.

We’re Closed

The Fairways Country Club management office announces the following holiday closures in observance of Christmas and New Year’s Day:

  • Monday, December 26, 2016
  • Monday,  January 2, 2017

Hometown America wishes you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season.

Hometown America Cares About Your Opinion!

Hometown America recently sent a survey on services and amenities for your community. Unfortunately, after several attempts to collect homeowners’ email addresses over the past few years, we only have email addresses from about 8 percent of our residents. Sharing your email is very important for you as a resident. We send newsletters with valuable information and surveys that help you decide on possible future changes to your community. 

Chances are we don’t have your email address. Please give it to your community manager as soon as possible so that you can receive everything essential to ensuring we can help improve your lifestyle!

Guns and Hoses a Resounding Success

The annual First Responders Golf Tournament was so much fun. I want to thank all those residents who came out to honor our local police, firemen and EMTs who serve us every day. We had over a hundred participants, and the most first responders ever. 

Love It or List It?

Your full-time, in-house Sales Department is excited to remind you this month of two important items when it comes to you and your home in the community.

Planning for Mayhem

The calm before the storm. Source

Whether you’re hosting 10 or 25 (heaven forbid) for a holiday dinner or party, you’re planning for mayhem. Uncle George won’t remember to put fresh batteries in his hearing aid, Aunt Mary will regale the crowd with every medical procedure her hypochondria dictates, and Crazy Uncle Joe will emerge from his cocoon just long enough to get a little too chummy with the female guests before chowing down everything in sight. 

Betcha Didn’t Know

You can still redeem S&H Green Stamps. Exchange your old stamps for electronic gift certificates to selected retail outlets. You can also exchange them for SuperCertificates, which never expire and can be exchanged for a wide variety of gift certificates at

Visit the S&H Greenpoint site for more information.

Priscilla’s Corner

Happy Holidays and all the blessings of the season. 

Great news—in this newsletter, you’ll read about the many improvements underway at Fairways Country Club. Portions of the Greenbrier and Westchester Clubhouses are receiving face-lifts, and we’re enhancing security throughout the community.

Share Your Experiences

Do you belong to a special club or group in your community? If so, we want to hear from you! In each newsletter we will be highlighting our residents and the special things they do. Just send us an email with your name and contact information along with the name of your club or group and as much information as you can about the fun and interesting things that you do to

Want to be inspired? Here’s the story our editor shared with the office about a group of bunco ladies who became “12 Extraordinary Women.

Several years ago, I joined a group of women who play bunco once a month. In the beginning, we got together just for fun. Within a few months, we decided to look for a person or a family with a need—someone we could help financially or just lend an ear in support. Our efforts have been so well received that we try to bring a “need” to each bunco party and do our small part to help fill that need. 

I know from talking with many of the residents that you’re doing the same in your communities, and if you share your experiences, it can spark great ideas in others. Your group can be a group dedicated to fun, paying it forward or just spending time together. So, please, send us an email and let us share your story.

Heartland Games for Active Adults: Special Invitation to Fairways Residents

Last year, Tanglewood, our sister HTA community in Sebring, hosted several of the annual Heartland Games events. The games take place in Avon Park and Sebring and are open to all adults age 50+. Participants compete against others in the same age category and gender. 

Dessert Kolachky

Kolachky (kolache) cookies are a traditional Central European Christmas dessert. This Polish version uses a light and fluffy cream cheese dough. 

Scam 101—You and Your Computers Are at Risk!

Scam artists are creative people, but for the normal, non-criminal people of this world (that’s you and me), keeping up with current scams as well as new ones that pop up every day is impossible! 

One scam involves a telephone call from someone claiming to be a computer technician with Microsoft or some other software company. The caller claims to have detected a virus or other piece of malware on your computer or other device. Before you panic, ask yourself, “How would this person know?”

SafeHaven National Insurance Agency

Hometown America is proud to promote SafeHaven National Insurance Agency for all your homeowner protection needs. The company specializes in covering manufactured homeowners and renters. 

In today’s market, many insurance companies are either very difficult to work with or do not write insurance policies that provide adequate protection. When it comes to your home, make sure you are dealing with an insurance company that not only offers competitively priced policies but also provides the protections important to you. 

Visit their website at or call SafeHaven National Insurance Agency today at 1-800-206-2753 for a quote.

Your Health

The Magic of Gratitude
Start the New Year on a positive note. Instead of writing a list of New Year’s resolutions, incorporate gratitude into your daily life. Did you know that practicing gratitude can improve your health as well as your quality of life? The science says so! Once you get the knack of it, you’ll find reasons to be grateful everywhere you look. is a resource-rich site you’ll want to bookmark. To get started, click “Practice” at the top of the page, and then click the “Daily Question” photo. You’ll find questions and prompts to kick-start your journey. 

Home &Garden

Celebrate the Holidays with Creative Exterior Decorations
Are you tired of ho-hum outdoor decorations? It takes only a few well-placed bows, pinecones, garlands, lights, etc. to make a dramatic statement. Unless you’re Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation, less is more. You can find inexpensive supplies at large craft stores such as Michaels. Need ideas? Visit the OneKindDesign blog,  and  Pinterest.

Your Money

Recover from Your Holiday Splurge Hangover
If you overspent during the holidays (and who didn’t), we found two resources to help you recoup some of your splurge. Go Bank offers 10 ways to recover from your holiday shopping spree. U.S. News offers five strategies to consider. To avoid spending on credit next year, set up a savings plan for next year’s holidays. A simple method is to set aside all your change and $1 bills at the end of the day. Your editor saved a little more than $1,000 doing this one year.


College Football Bowl Schedule 
In addition to great food, parties and gifts, the holidays serve up college football bowl games. View the 2016-2017 schedule.

Holiday Movie Schedule
It’s hard to keep up with the holiday movie schedule, but we found a comprehensive list of holiday and Christmas movies. Christmas movies are underlined in the list for easy identification.


Best Apps for Your Holiday Travel
Now that you’ve made your airline reservations for holiday travel, it’s time to simplify your trip. AARP has collected the best travel apps.1.html of the year. Allison Michael Orenstein writes, “Turn your smartphone into a full-service travel center.” TripCase is one of the most useful apps on the list. It searches your emails for air and ground reservations and turns them into an itinerary you can share with family and friends.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence
Wait until you get home to post your holiday photos and commentary because criminals troll social media for unoccupied homes—to burglarize! Hootsuite offers a user-friendly, free version that allows you to compose your tweets and posts while you’re gone and hold them until you return. When you get home, just press a few buttons to post your travel adventures. 


Eat Your Way Through the Holidays—Smartly
It’s the same song, different verse every year—how will I make it through the holidays without gaining weight? The American Heart Association offers a downloadable Holiday Healthy Eating Guide. If you need additional help, join the free 10th Annual Holiday Challenge. It’s a seven-week program with ample support.

And Now, It’s Time to Shed Those Holiday Pounds
Diets are no fun, and at best, they offer a short-term solution. The only method that works for the long term is modifying your eating habits and the way you approach hunger. Reader’s Digest offers 20 ways to get you started shedding those holiday pounds without counting every morsel you eat. Try incorporating them into your lifestyle one at a time, and before you know it, you’ll be on the road to healthy eating.