Pay rent the easy way - Enroll in Hometown America's Direct Payment Plan today!

Start your month off right...the EZ Way! Enroll in Hometown America's EZ Pay Direct Payment Plan today, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that your rent is paid every month...automatically. The EZ Pay Program is a safe, reliable, confidential and easy way to have your rent debited from your bank account. With EZ Pay, you'll save time and money. No more late payment fees, or having to remember to write and mail your rent check on time anymore. Start your next month off right with EZ Pay!

Enrolling is easy!

  • Just fill out the enrollment form below

  • Drop off a voided check at your management office

  YESI want to enroll in the Direct Payment Plan and have my total monthly payment(s) for all charges payable to Hometown America Management Co. and/or its affiliates and assignees (collectively "Hometown") in connection with my Lease or Rental Agreement at:  

Automatically deduct from the following US bank account in accordance with the terms herein: 



I understand that the payment amount stated in my current Lease or Rental Agreement (plus any increases in rent or other charges), plus all other charges due to Hometown under my Lease or Rental Agreement (including without limitation certain utility charges) or as permitted under applicable law will be automatically deducted from my bank account each month beginning.

* If I am billed for utilities, payment amounts may change from month to month and deductions will occur on the 5th of each month. If I am not billed for utilities, deductions will occur on the 3rd of each month.

 I hereby authorize and request the financial institution listed above and/or shown on the voided check attached below to honor the debit entries initiated by Hometown and to debit the same account for my total balance due to Hometown America.





( Del Tura bills residents semi annually.
Billing takes place in January and July. )

Hometown America does not store any of your personal information on our website.
Term & Conditions for the EZ Pay Direct Payment Plan

It is your responsibility to notify Hometown if your account is closed for any reason, and to make timely arrangements for payments to be paid in another manner. If the amount of the authorized payment is not available in your account, you will be charged late fees and dishonored check charges per your Lease or Rental Agreement (which are considered "additional rent" and may be withdrawn from your account). You may also incur additional fees for insufficient funds from your bank, which are separate from the fees charged by Hometown. This authority will remain in effect until the end of your residency or until Hometown receives a written 15-day notice from you.

* In order for Direct Payments to begin on the fifth of any month, Hometown must receive this authorization by the 15th of the prior month. If this authorization is received after the 15th, you must make the next monthly payment yourself and Hometown will begin Direct Payment one month later.

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