University Lakes: Tools for School

Mary Goodwill


August 2019

Years ago, several all-age communities in Florida started a “Tools for School” program, collecting school supplies for residents in need. The program was discontinued when most of the all-age communities were sold, however, the region brought the program back this year for the only all-age community in Florida, University Lakes. It has a unique demographic, with over 90% of the residents of Cuban decent, many of whom came from Cuba to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities in the U.S., but who do not know anyone or have family here to help.

The Florida region collected approximately 317 various back to school supplies from its age-qualified communities. 

Each community collected one or two items; for example one community collected 3-ring binders, while another collected rulers and crayons.

Franco Antia, Community Manager, and his team advertised the event to their residents and held an open house for parents and students to stop in and pick up what they needed free of charge, thanks to our phenomenal, giving residents from our 55+ communities. We are thankful for the generosity of our residents.

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