Regine Gary

Sales Consultant

Clearwater Village

272 Village Drive East

Spotswood,  NJ 08884



Meet Your Agent

Why did you choose to be a home counselor?

I remember how excited I was when I purchased my home. I chose this profession because I want to be a part of an exciting, happy time in people's lives.

Why did you choose to work at Hometown America Hometown America?

I chose to work at Hometown America because, after some research, I knew that the opportunities were endless with this company. I also read how much Hometown America does for their residents, customers and employees, and I have experienced that firsthand.

Why have you chosen to work at Clearwater Village?

I have chosen Clearwater Village because of the sense of community I felt when driving through the community. At Clearwater Village, I am also the Community Manager, so it gives me an opportunity to not only develop a relationship with people looking for a home, but continue that relationship when they become a resident!

What is "excellent customer service?"

Excellent Customer Service is going above and beyond, especially in the small ways. It is also staying in touch with your customers, even if they tell you they're not ready! Excellent Customer Service is listening, even if what is being said doesn't require an answer.

How long have you worked with Hometown America?

I have worked with Hometown America for about two and a half years.

Please list some past professional accomplishments (Hometown America-related or otherwise).

I have been awarded with Exceptional Customer Service twice at Hometown America! I have also received my CMCA certification and I have held a New Jersey Real Estate License. I am most proud that I started out in property management 15 years ago, knowing nothing about the industry, and leasing apartments and I have worked my way to a Sales Consultant and Community Manager. I have received nominations and awards for my leasing achievements over the years, as well.

Besides helping people improve their lives, what are some of your other personal interests?

I love to read and I love animals! I like to create things, although I'm not very artistic! My family comes first!

Include anything else you feel would promote you to potential customers.