Robin Etherton

Sales Consultant


3000 Tanglewood Parkway

Sebring,  FL 33872



Meet Your Agent

Why did you choose to be a home counselor?

Making people happy they moved to Florida is a great benefit

Why did you choose to work at Hometown America Hometown America?

Living in this magnificent community, it was a no-brainer to work for such a great company. It helps expand my goal of making people happy and being able to share what a wonderful community in which we live.

Why have you chosen to work at Tanglewood?

Wonderful community and value for the money, not to mention to proximity to home.

What is "excellent customer service?"

Seeing smiling faces, whether it is buyer or seller, and the knowledge of knowing they have a trusted advisor to help them through this next phase of their life.

How long have you worked with Hometown America?

July of 2017 is when I started with Hometown America, bringing with me two previous years of home selling experience.

Please list some past professional accomplishments (Hometown America-related or otherwise).

Before moving to Florida, I worked in the marketing field, which has helped me write better home descriptions, pay attention to the smallest of details while still achieving "the big overall picture".

Besides helping people improve their lives, what are some of your other personal interests?

Include anything else you feel would promote you to potential customers.

I'm a strong believer in that the way you treat your clients will reflect how you're portrayed to your next client, and it goes full circle! The best promotion is a referral from a happy customer!