Sharon Bustos

Sales Consultant

Maple Valley

1 Silver Circle

Manteno,  IL 60950



Meet Your Agent

Why did you choose to be a home counselor?

I enjoy working with people and helping them improve their life by choosing a new home and community. I thoroughly enjoy assisting people in finding a new lifestyle and getting started over.

Why did you choose to work at Hometown America Hometown America?

I researched companies before I had an interview and I really liked the information I found on Hometown America.

Why have you chosen to work at Maple Valley?

I worked in the senior housing rental market for 15 years and while I wanted to use my experience, I was looking for something a little different. At Maple Valley, along with managing the community, I also sell homes, which is new for me. I am enjoying learning the process and using my new knowledge to help people find a great place to live.

What is "excellent customer service?"

Excellent customer service is providing your clients with everything they need during the purchase process and includes taking care of the paperwork, providing support and even sometimes helping them with things they did not even know they needed.

How long have you worked with Hometown America?

I started with Hometown America in April 2015

Please list some past professional accomplishments (Hometown America-related or otherwise).

I have been a property management professional for over 25 years. I managed the maintenance department in a 1000 unit high-rise in Chicago, moving in to the management/leasing office to head the corporate apartment rental program. I then moved to senior housing - assisted in opening a new building, then moved on to manage another property for 12 years.

Besides helping people improve their lives, what are some of your other personal interests?

I like to sit on my deck with a good book or with family and friends and a cool beverage.

Include anything else you feel would promote you to potential customers.