Stephanie Valentine

Sales Consultant

Barclay Farms

1 Paynter’s Way

Camden,  DE 19934



Meet Your Agent

Why did you choose to be a home counselor?

I have been in property management for over 21 years. During that time I have managed mostly apartment communities, I wanted a change but wanted to stay in the same line of work. It was a great decision, I get to do the work I love and help people in the long term.

Why did you choose to work at Hometown America Hometown America?

My community was purchased by Hometown America in August of 2012, but it didn’t take long to realize that this is a great company with a real understanding of the industry. They give me the tools to do my job well and to make the home buying experience for my customers to be the best it can be.

Why have you chosen to work at Barclay Farms?

I have worked at Barclay Farms for almost 5 years. I have always liked working with customers in the 55+ range and with Barclay Farms being an age restricted community it was a perfect fit.

What is "excellent customer service?"

Excellent Customer Service is when I have done everything in my power to make my customer or homeowner happy. I love to see the excitement when someone has found the perfect home or a homeowner relax when a problem can be solved and when they leave my office feeling like their needs have been taken care of it’s the best feeling ever.

How long have you worked with Hometown America?

I have worked with Hometown since August 2012, I have been at Barclay Farms since July 2008 and I have been in the property management industry since December 1991.

Please list some past professional accomplishments (Hometown America-related or otherwise).

Besides helping people improve their lives, what are some of your other personal interests?

I most enjoy spending time with my family. I am one of 5 siblings and we all live in Delaware but each in a different area, so when we can all get together it’s a great time! I also have a rescued black lab and a rescued lab/shepherd mix that I Dock Dog and I really enjoy working with them and being outdoors.

Include anything else you feel would promote you to potential customers.