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Protect Your Home With One Easy Plan!

Your investment in your home can be protected with the one policy that contains all the important coverage you need. Especially tailored for the owners of manufactured homes, with our association with SafeHaven National Insurance Agency, you can obtain these important coverage’s for your home.

Physical Damage Protection

This valuable coverage protects your home from direct, sudden and accidental losses caused by fire, lightning, hail, flood, explosion, smoke, windstorm, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, falling objects, landslide and vandalism.

Personal Effects Protection

This includes protection for your electronics, TV, furniture, appliances, tools and even your audio and video equipment – which could amount to many thousands of dollars in losses. Your policy covers your personal property both inside and outside your home. Inside, your personal possessions are covered in the event of direct, sudden and accidental damage or destruction caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, earthquake, landslide, flood, rising water or theft – up to the amount stated in your policy. Outside your home, your possessions are covered for 10 percent of the amount stated in your policy when damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning, landslide, earthquake, flood, windstorm, rising water or theft.

Personal Liability Protection

If someone were to slip and break an arm or leg on your front steps, you could be responsible for doctor and hospital bills, loss of salary, and their pain and suffering. This important coverage pays up to the limits you select if you, or any member of your immediate family residing in the same residence, are found to be legally responsible for personal injury or property damage to others. It pays not only medical bills, but also lawyers’ fees and other costs.

Adjacent Structure Protection

Your policy also includes coverage for direct, sudden and accidental loss of or damage to unattached buildings on your manufactured home property, such as a garage or tool shed.

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